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Our Experienced Strategic Partners

Architectural Services, our sister organization: Shirtwearer, LLC

Health Insurance, our strategic partner: Native Health Group

Legal Services, our strategic partner: Sacks Tierney, PA

Medical Consulting, our strategic partner: TLC Medical Consulting Group

Marketing Collaterals and Web Design,
our strategic partner:
designed  solutions

Third Party Reimbursement, our strategic partner: Healthcare Systems, Inc.    
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• Consultation to managers and administrators of health care facilities and services, housing programs and social service agencies. 
• Feasibility studies covering health, social services and housing including nursing home, assisted living, housing and clinics.

• Demographic data collection and analysis including community and tribal populations.

• Needs assessment and related community service planning.

• Design, development and operational assistance for: independent and assisted living, skilled nursing care, elder day care, health clinics, home health care, hospice, social services and housing.

• Program, service and housing applications prepared and submitted for funding from federal, state and private funding entities.

• Third party reimbursement system design and development including billing and collections.

• Legal services with special areas of expertise including labor, tribal and health care law.

• Physician-directed medical planning and evaluation services.

• Architectural services through our architectural partners, Shirtwearer LLC and Lizard Rock Design, LLC.

Our teamís significant experience benefits
you through a broad range of services
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Hobart Jackson Cultural Diversity Award . . .
Recognizes an individual or organization that has effected positive change through a significant commitment to cultural diversity and inclusion. The award is named for the late Hobart Jackson, an early officer of the association and founder of the National Caucus and Center on Black Aged.
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