was founded in response to the complex
management and operational demands of the senior
living and health care sectors."
                                                          Lee Olitzky, 2006

Lee H. Olitzky

Lee Olitzky's successful experience in management and
operations spans more than two decades. He has provided executive leadership and operational responsibility for a wide range of businesses, health care organizations and agencies. Lee has a documented track record of superior third party audits, reviews and inspections on behalf of WiT 's clients. This is a reflection of WiT2 's ability to collaborate with a variety of organizations producing positive results.

Lee has conducted and completed numerous operational analysis, feasibiity, planning and research studies with beneficial results for his clients. He has provided training seminars for management staff and business development consultation throughout the US resulting in organizational performance improvement.

Most recently,
WiT2 has successfully developed the necessary management team, operational systems and staff skills to bring census to operating capacity for a health care facility owned and operated by the Tohono O'odham Nation. The goal of this assignment has been to recruit and train management and operations staff and establish the necessary reimbursement structure.

As a consultant and interim CEO for various assignments, Lee’s role is to ensure that the latest in management techniques is applied to all facets of projects under his direction. This results in an environment that fosters staff development and independence rather than dependence. Further, it permits full consideration and analysis of the options available to management, board and staff.

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